Daytrip: Ala-Archa National Park

The valley of Ala-Archa river is one the most picturesque sights of Bishkek surroundings. Here, in the narrow valley of ordinary small river you may see a concentration of wonderful, stunning landscapes, waterfalls and amazing rocks. Here is unexpectedly rich flora and fauna, so that many people suppose this region to be a symbol of Kyrgyz ridge (Ala-Too).

The Ala-Archa gorge is located in a central part of Kyrgyz ridge in 30 km to the south of Bishkek. Its length is over 35 km. It is the huge gorge among all gorges of the Kyrgyz ridge. Ala-Archa is translaced from Kyrgyz language as varicolored archa. Archa is local name of juniper. The gorge got its name because of numerous bushes of archa, covering the slopes. Because there is a great diversity of archa in the gorge, of different colors and shapes, it gives a feeling chat the gorge is varicolored.

*If you have a problem with high altitude please bring your own medicine.

Duration: 6 hours 

Price: 500 som per person in a group of 4 ppl 

Tour guide: $30 per group (optional) 

*PS: Park entrance fee is 500-1000 som depending on the vehicle 


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