Daytrip: Issyk Ata Waterfall and Hot Springs

Issyk Ata Gorge is an exceptionally beautiful place and well- known for its natural hot springs that you can lounge in and the beautiful mountain scenery. It also contains a waterfall that can be reached via a light hike into the mountains. A small pass will lead you to the waterfall where you can have a nice break.

Funny fact, there are several legends surround the hot springs in Issyk Ata Gorge. It said that there was once a young woman that bathed in the springs every day and while her friends grew old, she remained young thanks to the water’s miraculous powers.

What should you bring:

Good walking shoes, warm clothes, rain gear, sunscreen, hat/cap, a to- wel, swimsuit, flip flops. Price: 750 Som per person. Minimum 4 persons

Extra option: Visit the Burana tower for an additional 1000 som per group.

To book this tour please contact us:

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