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Apple Hostel Day Treks

All located within an hour of Bishkek, these locations are a great choice for a day trip out into the beauty of Kyrgyzstan. Ask our receptionists for more information and to book your trip!


  • Song-Kol 3 day Tour – Take a two-night, three-day adventure by horseback through the mountains to explore the spectacular Song Kol Lake and surrounding mountain ranges.
  • Ala-Archa National Park – Daytrip to one of the most picturesque countryside areas just outside of Bishkek. Walk around the valley of Ala-Archa, see stunning landscapes, waterfalls and lush nature.  
  • Issyk-Ata Waterfall and hot springs – Daytrip to the Issyk Ata Gorge and hot springs in a beautiful mountain scenery. 
  • Alamedin River – Treat yourself to a day in the second biggest gorge of Kyrgyzstan and swim in the hot springs. The water is around 30 degrees, dn’t forget your swimsuit!
  • Koltor Lake – Don’t miss this spectacular lake with its gorgeous turquoise water. The lake is surrounded by a variety of forest berries and medicinal herbs while the surrounding glaciers sparkle in the background. 
  • Belogorka Waterfall – One of the most impressive waterfalls around Bishkek, Belogorka Waterfall is 60 meters high and is surrounded by a lush valley and the ‘Black Mountain’ finger. 
  • Bishkek City Tour – see the city like a local. One of our expert guides will take you see all the most important stops in the city, including Ala Too Square, the White House, Oak Park, Panfilov Park, Filarmonic, Victory Square and much more.
  • Osh Bazaar Food Tour – The Osh Bazaar has so much to offer, but we don’t want you to miss out on the delectable culinary selections. Our guide will go with you to help you explore all the tastes of our city.
  • Cooking Master Class
  • Apple Hostel Car rentals
  • Apple Hostel Bike rentals


Ala-Archa 500 som per person*
Issyk-Ata 750 som per person**
Alamedin Gorge 750 som per person
Koltor Lake 750 som per person
Belogorka Waterfall 750 som per person


*Park Entrance Fee Not Included

**Option to include a tour of Burana, additional 1000 som per group