Come join us for a number of events, both around town and at Apple Hostel. Whether you are interested in

  • Complementary Russian Lessons
  • Pub Crawls
  • Karaoke
  • Kyrgyz Games
  • Chess Tournaments
  • Yoga classes
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Quiz nights
  • Kyrgyz Folklore Music nights
  • Traditional Meals in a yurt 
  • BBQ nights 

We always have something happening around, both at the hostel and around Bishkek!

Learn Russian while at Apple Hostel!

Getting around Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan is a lot easier when you have at least a basic command of the Russian language! Everyone from absolute beginners is welcome, and classes focus on practical speaking and reading skills that may assist you on your travels.

Pub Crawls

Join Apple Hostel for a tour of some of the best bars and pubs that Bishkek has to offer! Start with dinner at the hostel and then head off with us into the city, for a sampling of the central bars and night life. 


Singing is your hidden passion ?  We have all you need for accomplishing your deepest dreams. Friends, music, microphones and smiling faces!! This and much more in our Karaoke nights. 

Kyrgyz Game Nights

Are you ready to learn something new? Chuko is a traditional Kyrgyz game played using the bones of sheep, usually in our yard. 

Chess Tournaments

Towers, horses, kings, queens and endless battles… No, it’s not the Middle Agebut our stunning Chess tournaments!! Come play with us and learn the importance of a good strategy. Are you going to be the best conqueror?

Yoga Classes

Of course we have also time for relax and soul restoration. Here you can be carried onto the clouds just by using your body, breath and following the advice of our prepared instructors.

Scavenger Hunt

Chasing and hunting are probably the barest humankind instincts we have; so what about joining us in an awe-inspiring hunt all over our hostel letting you guide by tricky hints

Quiz Nights

How much do you know about your culture ? And what about the foreign ones ? It is time to discover these and other unique features by taking part at very particular quiz nights

Kyrgyz Folklore Music Nights

Music has always recovered a main role in the Middle Asian nomad population, especially folk music. Kyrgyz musicians with traditional instruments are available for sharing with you the deep nature sounds!

Traditional Meal in a Yurt

Another symbol of the Kyrgyz culture is without doubts the “yurt”. So why not try an unforgettable meal inside it entirely made with local agriculture products and meat ? You will feel like part of the same family trough out continents.

BBQ Nights

Sunset light, grill fires, sauces and… stars!!! All these ingredients will make one of the most incredible experience you have ever had! Bbq nights are also an opportunity for staying together under the universe mirror