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An amazing Day Trip to Belogorka Waterfall

Belogorka Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the area standing at an impressive 60m high and 2100m above sea level. Belogorka is located 80km south-west of Bishkek and is settled in the beautiful Sokuluk gorge in the northern Tien Shan area.

The gorge is at its most picturesque during spring and summer when the mountain slopes are covered in flowers and greenery. A trip to the gorge allows for a perfect view of the striking ‘Black Finger’ mountain, named for its dark and pointed appearance. The end of the road in the gorge opens up an impressive panorama of the waterfall falling from a great height, almost vertical rocks and a magnificent peak Black spire, remarkable for its unusual shape.

Duration: 6 hours 

Price: 750 som per person in a group of 4 ppl (excl. hot springs fee of 100 som per person) 

Tour guide: $30 per group (optional) 



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