Things to do in & around Bishkek

Osh Bazaar (Ошский Базар)

Osh bazaar is one of the largest bazaars in Bishkek, conveniently located 10 to 15 minutes away from the hostel. Here you can find everything from food to electronics, at low prices. Before you go make sure you leave your valuables at the guesthouse as there are many pickpockets at the bazaar.  Also, make sure to make a photocopy of your passport (main page and visa page) for identification if you are approached by the police. The passport copy is enough to show, nothing else is required.

Location: Beishenalieva/Chui; 1.5 km from the hostel

Time Spent: 2-5 hours

Take marshrutka #132 from the western bus station; or walk down Jibek Jolu (across from the bus station) eastward until you reach the Rosneft gas station, then take a right and continue until you reach the bazaar.

Holy Resurrection Cathedral (Воскресенский собор)


Constructed in 1944, the cathedral was designed by prominent Soviet architect Veryujskii. Today it is well taken care of and is often visited by Orthodox Russians. The interior of the cathedral contains many paintings and icons.

Location: Jibek Jolu / Togolok Moldo; 2.5 km from the hostel

Contact info: 312 32 54 85

Hours: 7 AM to 8 PM

Time Spent: 1-2 hours

Take marshrutka 114, 214, or 344 on Jibek Jolu across from the bus station.

State History Museum (Исторический Музей)

The museum was established on the 9th of December, in 1925. Today it holds around 90,000 historical artefacts, including sizeable archaeological and ethnographic collections, as well as materials relating to contemporary Kyrgyzstan.  Unfortunately, It is currently under reconstruction and its re-opening date is unknown.

Location: Razzakova / Chui, 3.9km from the hostel

Hours: 10 am to 5 pm (Closed on Mondays; Currently under reconstruction until further notice)

Take marshrutka 111 or bus 7/35? from across the street at Jibek Jolu to Ala-Too Square.

Frunze Museum (Музей Михаила Фрунзе)

Established in 1925, it is the first and only museum dedicated to the life of Mikhail Frunze, the Bolshevik military commander who brought Central Asia under the control of the Soviet Union following the revolution. The museum contains over 6500 objects related to Frunze and gives an impression as to the life of Russians in Kyrgyzstan in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Location: Razzakova / Frunze, 3.7km from the hostel

Entrance: 25 som (adult); 15 som (children)

Hours: From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (closed Mondays)

Time Spent: 1-2 hours

Take marshrutka 114, 214, or 344 from across the street at Jibek Jolu to the intersection with Razzakova, then walk south to Frunze.

Ala-Too Square (Площадь Ала Тоо)

The square was built in 1984 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Kyrgyz SSR. In 2003 Erkindik statue replaced the statue of Lenin, which is now located behind the State History Museum. Nowadays it features a monument of the national hero, Manas. The square is often crowded, both during the day and in the evening, and serves as a central location for celebrating national holidays and events.

Location: Kievskaya / Razzakova, 3.9km from the hostel

Take bus 7 or marshrutka 111, 129, or 224 across the street at Jibek Jolu until you reach the square

Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts named after Aitiev
(Кыргызский Национальный Музей Изобразительных Искусств Имени Айтиева)

Established in 1935, the museum contains over 18,000 works that showcase all stages of development of professional visual arts.

Location: Abdrahmanova (Sovietskaya) / Abdymomunova, 4.2 km from the hostel. From the bus station, take marshrutka #224 and get off at the opera.

Entrance : 50 som adults / 25 som students

Hours: 9am-5pm Tue-Thu & Sat-Sun, 10-4pm Fri

Time spent: 3-4 hours

Dordoi Bazar

It is the largest wholesale and retail market in Bishkek, and one of the Asia greatest public marketplace, comparable to Bangkok Chatuchak or Tehran Grand Bazar. It’s been described by a western journalist as ‘a modern monument to the power of raw commerce’. Trade at Dordoi starts in the morning, at 6 am, and many stalls begin closing around 1 PM, so it is best to arrive early.

Location: Out of town, 10km from the hostel. Take Marshrutka #114 until GOIN shopping centre (Jibek jolu/Sovietskaya), from there take the 144, 185, 193, or 224 to Dordoi Bazar.

Hours : 6am – 2pm / Time spent : 3-4 hours

Central Mosque

This mosque has been built in 1995 with the financial support of a Kyrgyz entrepreneur, Arabic sheikh and an Islamic fund. *95% of mosques in Kyrgyzstan are built by Arabs. The mosque has 3 halls, the main of which can fit up to 600 people. On Fridays, the territory of the mosque can fit up to 5-6 thousand people.

Location: Moskovskaya / gogolya, 6km from the hostel. Take bus #35 or marshrutka #113 from bus station to the central mosque.

Hours: Open 24/7   /   Time spent: 1-2 hours

Panfilov Park

It is a small recreation park where it is nice to walk around, ride some roller coaster, eat ice cream or just enjoy the lively atmosphere. You can even ride a devil’s eye (now under construction) to get an eagle view of the town.

Location : Frunze / Panfilova, 3,3km from hostel. Take Marshrutka #111 until Chui/Panvilova or bus #7

Hours: 2-3hours, Entrance free

Turgunbai Sadykov Museum – National Academy of Arts

It is a scientific and methodological museum attached to the Kyrgyz National Art Academy. On the first and second floors, there are sculptures of Sadykov’s work and in the halls, there are exhibitions (painting, ceramics, etc.).

Location: 50 Togolok Moldo, near the Sports centre, 3km from the hostel.
From the Western bus station, take bus #7 or marshrutka #111 #224 #344 until Togolok.

Hours : 2-3 hours, Mon-Fri 09:00-12:00 / 13:00-16:00.

Oak Park open-air museum and Erkindik gallery

Looking for a break and a peaceful place? With its small alley, fountains, and flowers it is one of the nicest spots to hang out.
Oak Park offers to see also many different Kyrgyz sculptures from various time. When going up from Oak Park to Chuy avenue, you can enjoy the Erkindik painting gallery and its wide range of style and artists.

Location: Oak Park, 4km from the hostel. From the western bus station take bus #7 or minibus #111 #129 until Chuy/Tynystanova, and walk back for 100m until Oak Park and the gallery.

Hours: 1-2 hours, open every day, free entrance