How to get a COVID-19 test in Bishkek


Passenger location forms, quarantines, closed borders, and PRC tests — travelling during the pandemic has become something of a nightmare. Luckily for us in Kyrgyzstan, after a difficult summer our borders are now completely open for tourism with no curfews or strict restrictions in place. However, you will need a negative PCR test to enter.

If you’re planning on visiting Kyrgyzstan this year, it’s pretty safe to assume you’ll need to take a PCR test when your time has come to leave the country. If you’re not a native Russian or Kyrgyz speaker, booking a PCR test can be a daunting task. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered in this guide on how to take a COVID-19 test in Bishkek.

PCR Test

Getting a COVID-19 test in Bishkek is probably a lot easier than you thought. There are six laboratories in Kyrgyzstan that conduct PCR tests with labs located in all the main cities including Bishkek, Osh, Karakol, Jalalabad and Batken.

The first option would be to take a PCR via a state laboratory. Located in Bishkek and Osh, the PCR test costs 1,574 soms (Roughly $18). The results are issued after 16.00 on the day of the testing, and results are provided in Kyrgyz, Russian and English and are protected by a QR code.

State Lab In Bishkek

The laboratory of the Department of Disease Prevention and the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance

Address: Bishkek, Mikhail Frunze Street, 535.

Contact numbers: 0312 323 212; 0312 323 006.

State Lab In Osh

The laboratory of the Centre for Disease Prevention and the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance

Address: Osh city, Baitemirov Street, 53.

Contact phones: 0556 111 279, 0778 940 324.

The second option would be to take a test from a private lab. Our recommendation would be to use Aqua Lab. They are by far the most efficient and reputable private lab that carry out PCR tests in Kyrgyzstan.

Aqua Lab have five locations in Bishkek and one in Osh. The cost of the test is 1700 som. Unlike the state labs, results are sent in PDF format in both Russian and English. You can also return to the lab to get the results printed if you prefer.


  1. Fucik, 20

Monday-Sunday from 7:00 to 16:00;

Yunusalieva, 26

Monday-Sunday from 13:00 to 21:00;

Logvinenko, 27

Monday-Sunday from 13:00 to 16:00.

Akhunbaeva, 187

Monday-Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00.

Auezov, 5

Monday-Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00.


Ul. Masalieva, 54

Monday-Friday from 13:00 to 15:00.

If you need any assistance with booking a PCR test in Bishkek, or need any additional information feel free to contact our helpful reception team.




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