Cholpon Ata

Cholpon Ata, which stands for “Father Star”, was named after the famous astrologist who happened to live here many years ago. You will also see a memorial right after you enter the city across from the old airport; the memorial was funded by one of the mafia guys who died 5-6 years ago and was dedicated to that same atrologist. It is named as “Cholpon Ata Oluya” and was built on the 21st of August in 2000. The site is free to enter.

Cholpon Ata is a resort town on the northern shore of Issyk Kul lake. It is not only a good place to go to a beach and get some tan but also to visit Petroglyphs, an open-air site that hosts 2-3000 stones dating from 800 BC to 1200AD. Thre is an entrance fee of 50 som per person. There is also a historical museum in the center of town (with the entrance ticket of 50 som per person) and a tranquility park – Ruh Ordo (with the entrance ticket of 350 som per person), built by one of the local self-made millionaires, who grew up in an orphanage and as a result, named himself as “needless”

Here, you can also find a hippodrome that features one of the best racing horses across the country most of whom were brought in from Europe. There is a stable of local horses, some of which you can ride for 200-300 som per hour.

The city gets crowded in summer, nevertheless, it is definitely worth a visit. A good stopover for a night or two.

There are two bus stations in this city; one is for Bishkek-Cholpon Ata taxi and minibuses; and the other one is for Cholpon Ata – Karakol taxi and minibuses.



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