We have been working in the tourism industry since 2014. Our main directions are trekking in the mountains, horseback riding tours, and cultural tours in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. We also organize budget tours along the Pamir Highway, from Kyrgyzstan to Tadjikistan and the other way around. As of today, we have served over 10.000 travellers.

The mission of Apple Hostel Tours is to promote development of the tourism industry in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia by providing quality travel services that meet the needs of our tourists and make a positive contribution to the local community development. 

90% of our partners are small business owners, as we are committed to making a difference in local peoples’ lives and enhancing their well-being which in turn provides more comfort and even more authenticity for travelers. We also care about environment: we are the only hostel/tour operator in Kyrgyzstan that is committed to recycling and using renewable energy.