Equipment Rentals

We offer a wide variety of travel equipment and equipment for your adventures in Kyrgyzstan, whether it’s one day or a week, hiking in the mountains, horseback riding or skiing.

Below is a list of rental equipment that can be rented.

Equipment rental cost

(day, SOM)

Riding Helmet 350 Horse Riding Helmet
Bike Helmet 100 Bike Helmet
Trekking Sticks  100 Hiking Poles
2-3 People Tent (Summer or Winter) 250 (Summer)
400 (Winter)
Two-person Tent
Sleeping bag
(summer, winter)
150 (Summer)
300 (WInter)
Sleeping Bag
Sleeping Mats 50 Sleeping Mat
Camping Gas 230г

400 Camping Gas Cylinder 230g
Camping Gas 450г
600 Camping Gas Cylinder 450g
Gas Stove 100 Canister Stove
Camping Chair 150 Camping Chair
Sunglasses 100 Sunglasses
Ski Goggles  100 Ski Goggles

If you have any questions or need additional information about equipment rental, please contact the reception of the hostel or contact us through the following channels: 

Phone / WhatsApp: +996 553 280 881
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram