Cultural Night at Apple Hostel

If you ever wanted to learn more about the unique culture of Kyrgyzstan, come to Apple Hostel for an evening of discovery.

Learn more about Kyrgyz culture in this FREE event.

Apple Hostel cultural night

Join Apple Hostel every Wednesday or Saturday night (18:00
to 19:00) during summer when you will learn about Kyrgyz culture
and traditions, such as etiquette for greetings and
meals, society do’s and don’ts and much more!

To sign up for this free event (2 person min.), call or message Apple Hostel (WhatsApp):
+996 553 280 881

You can also sign up at Apple Hostel Bishkek reception.

Phone number / WhatsApp: +996 553 280 881
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Aigul and Apple Hostel for a better and greener Kyrgyzstan

As someone eager to promote the warm culture and green nature of Kyrgyzstan, Apple Hostel manager Aigul actively participates and volunteers in Kyrgyz social life and tourism.

Aigul organizes free dinner on Elderly day, donates school supplies to boarding schools where the majority of children’s parents are migrants abroad and cleaning the area by organizing social clean ups in and around Bishkek.

Apple Hostel is not only the first hostel in Kyrgyzstan but also one of the first organisations that started to recycle  paper, plastic and glass for a greener future of Kyrgyzstan and sustainable economy.

Recently Aigul was featured in a short video promoting  the beauty and tranquility of nomadic life as it resonates with her own life.

Aigul in Jean du Voyage - Exode

Aigul was born in a city but was courageous to choose the unpopular profession (among women) as a mountain guide in Kyrgyzstan.

Watch the stunning video below!

How to get to Apple Hostel Bishkek (Video Directions)

Getting to Apple Hostel Bishkek isn’t always easy but the handy videos below will help you easily navigate through the city and to our hostel in no time.

The video below shows you the directions from Western Bus Station to the hostel:

The next video, we show you how to get to Apple Hostel Bishkek from Manas International Airport by taking marshrutka #380:

We hope you have a pleasant journey to Apple Hostel Bishkek.

If you have any questions about getting to the hostel, please contact us.

Phone number / WhatsApp: +996 553 280 881 


Apple Hostel Bishkek address: Chymkentskaya 1B, Bishkek 720030, Kyrgyzstan

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Safe travels!