Eagle Hunting Festival Salbuurun

Experience the traditional and beautiful art of eagle hunting in the Kyrgyz Traditional Games Festival in 2021. Central Asia is the birthplace of eagle hunting and the tradition has been in existence for around 6,000 years. At the festival, you will see expert eagle hunters and their majestic eagle companions display their perfected hunting skills.

Eagle hunting close up

2-Day Itinerary

Departure date:
Friday 14th August 2021

Day 1:

Depart at 10am. Lunch on the way on your own. Arrive to the yurt camp where you can have your dinner.

Day 2:

Attend the festival from 10am to 4pm. Dinner on your own on the way as we drive back to Bishkek.


3,500 som per person.

The cost includes:
Transport there and back, tour guide, accommodation for one night in a yurt, entrance ticket to the festival, lunch at the festival.

Note: Minimum of 10 people is required to sign up to have the tour.

To book a place at this festival, please book at Apple Hostel reception.

You can also contact us via:

Email: applehostelkg@gmail.com 

What’s App: +996 553 280 881