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Apple Hostel User Agreement – Contract

Bishkek city

Under the terms of this contract, the Contractor guarantees the provision of services for long or short-term stay (residence) in the premises located at the address:
Bishkek, 1B Chymkentskaya str., and the Client (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer”) accepts and pays for the services rendered to him in the manner and within the time fixed by this contract and in accordance with the Rules of Residence.

Subject of the contract and other general provisions.

Under this agreement, the Contractor takes the obligation to provide the Customer with a room (or bed, hereinafter referred to as the “Object”) in the premises owned by the Contractor for temporary residence when paid in cash upon arrival or on the
websites of agencies and agents . Customers do not have the right to use the premises without prior arrangement with the property.

Rights and Obligations of the Parties under the Agreement.

The Contractor is obliged:

The Contractor is obliged to transfer the Object in a condition suitable for temporary residence (stay).
During the term of this contract to provide the Customer with the services by its own means both independently and with the involvement of third parties.
Provide information on the services provided and their costs according to offers and prices through the website www.applehostel.kg, as well as the websites of partner

Satisfy inquiries (reservations) of potential Customers for the provision of temporary residence services, timely execution of inquiries (reservations) if possible.
Timely inform the Customers about all changes, additions related to the provision of services under this agreement, including planned preventive work of city services, if this may affect the quality of the services provided. Transfer to the Customer all the necessary documents related to the provision of services.

Accept inquiries for guaranteed and non-guaranteed reservations through phone, electronic, postal or other modes of communication. The list of services included in the price of temporary residence is available on the website www.applehostel.kg

Timing policy:

Check-in after 14:00

Check out before 12:00

The Сustomer is obliged:

To familiarize him/herself with this agreement, the information provided on the website www.applehostel.kg as well as the Rules of Residence. Provide the Contractor with the personal data necessary for temporary residence (stay), fill out the Client Application. Pay for the services booked from the Contractor in the amount, terms and order established by this Agreement and the prices valid on the date of booking. Provide unhindered access of the Contractor to the Object.

When living in a residential building, follow the Rules of Residence established by the hostel and placed at the front desk. Return the Object in a timely manner, pay the debts accumulated on the date of departure, and if necessary, pay the damage caused to the Contractor’s property through the fault of the Customer. Filling out and signing the Application provides for full agreement with the terms of this agreement and internal regulatory documents that determine the procedure for living (staying) in the Contractor’s premises.

The Contractor has the right to:

Require provision of the Customer’s documents that confirm the accuracy of the personal data provided upon accommodation (filling out the Application); Demand reimbursement of the full cost of the services rendered and / or compensation for the damage incurred by the Customer; Evict the Customer from the hostel if the Customer is absent at the place of residence for more than a day, or after six hours from the moment of check-out and has not notified about it.

The property has the right to free the room from all the belongings and valuables of the Customer and submit them for storage by Contractor.
Refuse to accommodate and provide the declared services in case of violation of the terms of payment for the declared services; violations of the Rules of Residence and / or the terms of this Agreement; refuse to agree (partial or full) with the terms of this Agreement and / or other internal regulatory documents that determine the order of residence and behavior at the hostel.

The Customer has the right to:

Receive the declared and agreed services in full on agreed terms;
Control the quality and timeliness of the services provided;
Refuse any time from the accommodation services, as well as the provision of additional services as long as the services already provided are paid in full;

Refuse the booking (reservation) on the basis of a written cancellation confirmation sent to the email address applehostelkgr@gmail.com at least 48 (forty eight) hours
before the expected arrival date for individual guests (from 1 to 4 people) ; at least 96 (ninety-six hours) before the expected arrival date for groups of 5 to 10 people; not less than 7 (seven) days before the expected arrival date for groups of 10 people and more in order to avoid penalties for downtime.

 In case of late refusal or refusal after advance payment of the booking (reservation), the refund made is subject to penalties in the amount of the cost of a one night stay. Refund is made within 10 (ten) working days. The Customer transfers a penalty payment to the Contractor within 10 (ten) working days. This paragraph is valid in case if the payment is non cash. Payments and settlement procedure.

The cost of the services provided under this agreement is determined as the price for the Object, determined on the Contractor’s website or on the websites of booking companies, valid at the time of booking (reservation). Payment can be made in cash upon arrival or by bank transfer. In non-cash payment the Customer has to make a 100 (one hundred) percent prepayment of the cost of the declared services no later than 24 hours before the check in date.

 A payment is completed once the money transfer has been deposited into the Contractor’s bank account. If the Customer does not confirm an advance payment of 100 (one hundred) percent of the cost of the ordered services prior to accommodation, the Contractor has the right to cancel the order, or offer cash payment on the day of arrival, subject to availability.

The payment is completed once the money transfer has been deposited into the Contractor’s bank account. The Customer needs to provide the Contractor with documents (copies of documents) confirming the payment of services (payment order with a bank note). The Contractor needs to provide the Customer with documents confirming payment for services (receipt of payment).
Responsibility of the Parties For violation of the terms of the Agreement, the Parties are liable under the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the current Agreement.

The Contractor is not responsible for the failure to perform or improper performance of services on its part, as well as by the third parties arising from a shortage, inaccuracy, insufficiency and / or inconsistency of information and documents provided by the Customer, as well as due to other violations of the terms of this Agreement by the Customer.

 The Contractor is not liable for refusing to fulfill the Customer’s request on a day of appeal due to lack of conditions for accommodation.
The Contractor is not responsible in case if the services provided are inconsistent according to the personal subjective assessment of the Customer.

The Contractor is not responsible for the quality of the public services provided to the Customer, but is obliged to provide objective information about the planned work of the city and / or
communal services and organizations, which may affect the quality of the services provided by the Contractor.

The Customer and the Contractor are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the data provided / accepted for the purpose of booking the Contractor’s services and registration of accommodation.

 The Customer provides the interests of all persons indicated in the application (reservation) and is liable to the Contractor for the correctness of the data provided about them, for the
fulfillment of all obligations by these people, including obligations to pay for the services provided and payment of penalties.

The parties are obliged to make every effort to reach agreement on possible contentious issues through negotiations. If it is not possible to reach such agreement, the questions that have arisen are subject to consideration in the Bishkek Arbitration Court.

Force Majeure:

The parties are exempted from the liability for full or partial failure to fulfill obligations under the contract if such failure was the result of force majeure circumstances, for example: natural disasters, fires, military operations, a sharp increase or decrease in exchange rates, coups, prohibitive or other actions of public authorities, utility service companies, that impede the implementation of contractual obligations in full or in part, and other circumstances.

With the onset of force majeure, the deadlines for the fulfillment of obligations by the parties are postponed proportionally for the duration of the circumstances of force majeure. A party that refers to the action of force majeure circumstances shall immediately notify the other party of the beginning and end of the force majeure circumstances that impede the fulfillment of obligations under this agreement with subsequent documentary confirmation of such a circumstance by a competent or authorized state body.

Modification and termination of contract:

This agreement becomes effective when the accommodation request has been processed and the services in any form of reservation have been paid by the Customer and applies to the entire period of the services provision.

The Customer has the right to refuse the services provided to him/her, even if they were paid in full. The refusal of the Customer means the termination of all the obligations of the Contractor taken from the moment of refusal. The Contractor may terminate this agreement by its own initiative unilaterally but only after notifying the Customer 24 hours in advance.

The Contractor has the right to make partial or full changes to the clauses and provisions of this Agreement, supplement the Agreement with new Clauses without notifying the Customer in advance. The Customer is aware and agrees in advance to the fact that changes are possible. The Customer agrees to the all the changes made by the Contractor whose services he/she uses.
It is forbidden for Parties to transfer their rights and obligations under the current contract to third parties without mutual written consent.

By making a reservation for accommodation on the website www.applehostel.kg, the Customer confirms, accepts and agrees to comply with the Rules of Residence as well as this Agreement.

 The Customer also gives a consent to LLC Makeeva Company for processing, storage and transfer of his /her personal data contained in the booking form, solely for the purpose of information and reference services, the provision of accommodation services and other related services. This consent is valid for indefinite period and can be revoked on the basis of a written application of the Customer sent by mail or e-mail, as a result of which within 3 (three) days all information about the Customer would be deleted from the database of LLC Makeeva Company.

Company Details:

LLC Makeeva Company
Legal address: 720030, Bishkek, 1B Chymkentskaya str
Optima Bank OJSC
Account Number: 1091320172760116
BIC branch: 109013
INN: 00211201110094
OKPO: 27504970
General Director Kubatbekova, Aigul Bakytovna