Social Responsibility & Volunteering in Bishkek

Social Responsibilities

We here at Apple Hostel Bishkek care about making a positive contribution to our society and our community. We make a conscious effort to do all that we can to create positive a effect in our surroundings. We organise plenty of opportunities to do some volunteering in Bishkek, so why don’t you come and help us out?

Every year we organize a charity dinner for the elderly and vulnerable citizens in our community. In addition to this, we get together and supply Christmas gifts to misfortunate children and children with disabilities around the Bishkek region.

We are the only hostel in Kyrgyzstan that collects paper, plastic, and glass separately for recycling purposes. We have also installed solar panels to the roof of our hostel and insulated the building using sustainable material in a bid to use less electricity. We also frequently volunteer to do social clean-ups in our neighbourhood. We encourage all our gets to get involved if they have an hour or two spare. It’s a great way to socialise too! 

Volunteering in Bishkek during COVID-19

When the Covid 19 pandemic hit a lot of people have been left without their daily income. The food prices have gone up to 300% so the retired people could not afford shopping anymore. Therefore, we have supported them with basic food necessities. Some of our friends and hostel guests have pitched in which helped the campaign run for a longer period of time and cover more people in our neighbourhood.

Annual community clean up

Each spring Apple Hostel staff and volunteers gather together in order to clean up the neighborhood from trash, collect the recyclable materials and serve as an example for other community members of caring for the environment that we live in. This kind of volunteering in Bishkek is super rewarding. If you have a spare hour, get involved!

Providing supplies to children from disadvantaged families

During our “Education for All” campaign we fundraised and supported close to 100 kids from disadvantaged families by providing them with school supplies for the upcoming academic year. 

Fundraising to support local medical institutions

During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, Apple Hostel Bishkek filmed, edited and sold cooking masterclasses in a bid to raise funds for local medical centres. Over $3000 was raised, with thanks to our friends from all over the world. The money raised was used to purchase vital equipment such as ventilators and PPE.