Song Kol Lake — 3 Day Horseriding Tour ​

Song Kol Lake — 3 Day Horseriding Tour

Are you looking for an adventure in the spectacular Kyrgyz countryside that is affordable, slightly challenging and that will leave you wanting for more breathtaking views? Then this four day, three night horse riding trip to the alpine lake of Song Kol is perfect.

Song Kul is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan after Issyk kul. It sits at 3016 m (9895 ft) above sea level. It is surrounded by a broad summer pasture and then mountains. The area is inhabited and safely accessible only from June to September by car. By horse you can visit it anytime of the year.

Watch the farmers milk mares, drink mare’s milk, try to spot some of the many bird species that live in the area, and take a dip in the fresh air and an absolutely stunning view of the sunset over Song Kol Lake. Don’t forget to bring a tripod to take photos of the beautiful starry sky at night, with the mountains and the lake in the background.

Song Kol Horse
Kyrgyz landscape
Horses at Song Kol
Shamshy to Songkol



  • Day 1: Bishkek to Kyzart by bus. Lunch at Kyzart on arrival. 3 — 3.5 hour horseback ride to Kilemche. Dinner and overnight with the shepherds in a yurt.
  •  Day 2: Horse riding from Kilemche to Song Kol for 3-4 hours. Dinner and overnight in a yurt camp.
  • Day 3: Horse riding from Song Kol to Kyzart for 5-6 hours. Lunch at Kyzart. Departure for Bishkek.

Tour Cost

Summer prices:
1 person: 16,400 som
2 people: 23,200 soms
3 people: 30,600 soms
4 people: 46,300 soms

Winter prices:

1 person: 19,300 soms
2 people: 28,200 soms
3 people: 46,000 soms
4 people: 54,900 soms


  • horse guide (basic English), horse rental, meals during the trek, 2 nights in the yurt.

Not included:

  • Transport to Kyzart and back (Take marshrutka #541 from the west bus station for 400 som. It leaves between 6 — 7 am.

Duration: 3 days and 2 nights


  • trekking boots/gaiters,
  • weatherproof warm clothes
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • rain coat

You can rent any equipment you might need directly from us.




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