Horseback riding tours

Karakol to Jergez Gorge-2-day Horseriding Tour – If you plan to visit Karakol and want to experience its beautiful nature while Horseriding this is an opportunity not to be missed! 

Chon Kemin to Issyk-Kul -2-day Horseriding TourIf you want to make the most out of your time  while being able to enjoy local nature, mountain landscapes and thick forests on the horse this  tour is totally worth of your investment! 

Besh Tash National Park to Toktogul 3-day Horseriding Tour – Besh-Tash Nature Reserve is a large natural park located in the mountains of the Talas Range; It is a favorite spot for locals but is still unknown among foreigners which turns your visit into a true authentic experience!

Eki Naryn to Jakbolot Jailoo 3-day Horseriding Tour -When it comes to Naryn mostly people think of Songkol lake – very few have heard of Eki Naryn Valley – a hidden gem of the area! Take a chance and explore the valley – just  52 km away from Naryn!

Song Kol Lake 3-Day Horseriding Tour – Take a two-night, three-day adventure by horseback through the mountains to explore the spectacular Song Kol Lake and surrounding mountain ranges.

Song Kol Lake-4-day Horseriding Tour  Take a three-night, four-day relaxed horseback riding through the mountains to explore the pristine Song Kol Lake and surrounding mountain ranges.

Sary Chelek National Park 5-day Horseriding Tour Located in the Jalal-Abad region, Sary-Chelek spans an area of 60 000 acres and is the perfect location for a longer expedition.

Shamshy to Songkol lake 10-day Horseriding Tour – Become a Nomad horseriding from Shamshy to Songkol lake via the highest mountain passes, fast stream rivers, endless valleys, thick forests and blooming flowers! While exploring local nature find a horse shoe!